Capturing the Essence of Crail

Crail has many fans, both resident and visitor. Here is a look at how a few others see Crail. Let me know if they capture something of what you think makes this place so special.

In this film clip, East Neuk Festival arts director Sven Brown has some lovely things to say about Crail. “Seaside location, very beautiful, very historic, lots of things to do beside music…series of atmospheric, beautiful, and little know churches…you feel as though you are in a different age, you are away from things, it’s a great escape.” It’s enough to make you blush! Who thinks that’s spot on?

Her is another clip where writer and broadcaster Richard Holloway describes the East Neuk of Fife as “one of the most extraordinary places on Earth…There is just something special about the place, there’s a particular kind of peacefulness, depth and mystery to the East Neuk…. people come…to be more peaceful, to get in touch with the landscape, to be calm, to be still – it’s transforming.”

Sense of Scotland’s blog speaks about the therapeutic qualities of the place that “can fix everything” – and how to learn lessons from your dog about living “On Crail Time”. I’m not alone in thinking this quality is at it’s best in the winter, when it’s quiet and you can see Crail as the Crailer’s do.

Crail Harbour has long been know as one of the most painted and photographed harbours, but it’s showing up increasing in film as well. Here is the Morrison’s ad at Crail Harbour which you may have seen – did you recongnise it without the local accent?

If you know of any other great clips or blogs, or have a comment of your own that captures the spirit of Crail, why not share them here?

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1 Response to Capturing the Essence of Crail

  1. visitcrail says:

    Here is a really heartwarming story of Crail Hospitality – shows the incredible impact that residents can have on visitor experience, Something to make Crailers proud!

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