Photography award for photograph of Crail Harbour

The Scottish Flag Trust ran a photography competition this year to capture images in the sky of the Scottish Saltire.

Scottish Saltire flag

Saltire flying at Roome Bay, Crail

The winner of the ‘Rest of Scotland’ category was Mr Bill McKenzie from Sauchie, who scooped the prize for his photograph of Crail Harbour.

It’s fabulous – see it on Flickr here.  Or in large here.

Congratulations to Mr McKenzie.  If you’d like to see the photographs which were submitted to the competition, you’ll have to visit East Lothian Libraries (details of the exhibitions on The Scottish Flag Trust site).

Thanks to our friends at the I Love St Andrews! Facebook Page for drawing our attention to this great photograph of Crail.

If you have a photograph which you have taken of Crail that you’d like to share with us for our Visit Crail blog, we’d love to hear from you! You can email a file or a link to susan [at]


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