The Time for Spice

There’s no denying it, our culinary horizons have broadened. With the streets of Scotland awash with international eateries, we’ve come a long way since the days when mince and tatties were the most exotic thing on offer. Nowadays, we take delight in offerings from further afield, with a tendency to use spice to curb those hunger pangs, so much so, that the humble curry is voted time and time again Britain’s favourite dish. It was this love for curry that encouraged Darren Mollan to set up Chilli Papas, a company that takes all the hard work out of making curry, by offering oil free, fresh spice blends, making it easier than ever before to make a delicious family meal. I had a chat with Darren about Chilli Papas and its success within the Kingdom of Fife.

How long has Chilli Papas been a fixture in the local community?

We started the business in February of this year. Considering we’ve only been established a short time, the response from retailers across Fife has been overwhelming.

What inspired you to start Chilli Papas?

Last Christmas, when things were at their most frantic, my sister-in-law wanted to cook a curry. As everybody knows, time really is not of the essence around Christmas and New Year, so my wife Lynn suggested blending the spices and including cooking instructions. It was a resounding success, and prompted us to start the business.

How have the Fife community reacted to Chilli Papas?

The support for the oil free curry mixes has been particularly impressive. The local community have really embraced our products, which has resulted in us building up a large bank of loyal customers. We have also been very well supported by regional retailers throughout Fife.

What were your initial thoughts upon hearing about the Crail Food Festival?

As a local resident, I don’t think there is enough of a celebration centred around Fife produce. The Crail Food Festival is exciting and very worthwhile. I really do look forward to it becoming a regular fixture in the foodie calendar.

Why did you decide to become involved in the Crail Food Festival?

It’s such a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the Chilli Papas brand. We’re also very excited to be involved in something that will get Fife the coverage it deserves for its local produce. I really can see this festival being a key fixture for years to come.

What makes Fife produce so special?

Here in Fife, we have one of the most unspoiled landscapes in the world, which allows us to produce goods of the highest quality. From seafood, meat and poultry, to the freshest fruits and vegetables, Fife producers are renowned for their quality. With a landscape so rich in opportunity, it’s easy to see why Fife has upheld its reputation as a world class food producer.

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