Trotters Independent Condiments

This time next week the streets of Crail will be awash with all things food related. Stalls will be going up, music will be playing and all the hard work that has gone into preparing for this festival will be on display. Come rain, hail or shine, the festival promises something for everyone, and with Fife’s finest food producers on hand, I can be certain about one thing, nobody will leave feeling hungry. Another contender to keep our tummies from rumbling, is Byam Trotter of Trotters Independent Condiments, who talked me through why he was looking forward to the first Crail Food Festival.

What were your initial thoughts upon hearing about the Crail Food Festival?

I was really excited when I heard about it. Some people are passionate about music, and there are numerous festivals to celebrate that, so why not spend a little more time celebrating food? Food is amazing, and I can’t think of any better way to celebrate that fact.

Why did you decide to become involved in the festival?

Since I established Trotters Independent Condiments in November 2009, Fife has been very good to me. Trotters wouldn’t be the business it is now if it wasn’t for the support of the local community who share my passion for food. This reaction has also encouraged me to get involved in any food related events that take place in the Fife area. It’s nice to support the people who have supported me in the past, whilst meeting new customers and members of the community.

What tools have you used to promote your business?

In the main, I have used events, like the Crail Food Festival to promote the business. I have also regularly attended farmers markets, which has been a great way to meet customers, and get feedback on new and existing products. I also make sure the company website is up-to-date, so that customers can explore our full range of products.

What do you attribute to the success of Trotters Independent Condiments?

I have been very fortunate in the response from the local community. I’ve started my business in an area where support for local produce is incredibly strong. There are also numerous farm shops, who are always keen to stock local produce. After customers had tasted my products, order requests soon started coming in, which helped the business to continue strengthening.

In your opinion, what makes Fife produce so special?

Unfortunately, Scotland isn’t a country that’s renowned for its food. We have been tarred with the proverbial poor food stick, which is hard to shake. But what people don’t know is that Scotland has some of the best food in the world. From amazing salmon and wild venison, to mouth watering strawberries and raspberries, and wonderful artisan cheeses, Fife produces just about everything Scotland can offer. I would struggle to think of a Fife producer that I wouldn’t recommend, which really makes me proud to come from Fife.

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