Ardross Farm aims to please yet again

Supporters of the event last year, Ardross Farm are back for a second year. Showcasing some of the best produce Fife has to offer, I caught up with Nikki from the Farm, who shared her thoughts on last year’s festival, while keeping us guessing about what would be on offer this year.

Why do you think the first ever Crail Food Festival was such a success?

I can think of two reasons; the people who organised it and the current buzz around local produce. A fantastic team of hard working enthusiasts really engaged with the community. Additionally, local food in the past few years has really taken off. People are now genuinely interested in buying local ingredients to cook with at home. The combination of a hard working team and a topic that people feel passionately about made the festival a success.

Why do you want to participate again this year?

We had a great day last year. We spoke to customers who visit us regularly and met lots of people who had never shopped with us before. As a result, our shop became busier than normal, as many new customers drove from the festival to visit us on their way home. The reason we started the shop was due to our frustration with the food chain; why did our carrots get taken down to the south of England to be cleaned, just to be driven back up to our local Co-op? The Crail Food Festival connects producers with the end customer resulting in minimal food miles, while delivering a better quality product to the customer.

What can we expect from Ardross Farm at the event this time round?

We haven’t quite decided yet, but rest assured it will be fresh, local and chosen especially for food lovers!

Did you benefit from being a participant in the festival last year?

Yes, we attracted new customers and new suppliers. Educating people about what is                 going on in our area regarding food is also fundamental to our business –  the people who visited last year were genuinely interested in us and what we are doing.

Do you think the festival has been successful in raising awareness of Fife produce?

I would definitely say so. It was lovely to see people coming into our shop after the event specifically looking for certain products that they had sampled at the festival

Posted by Chiara from Wine and Olives.

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