Disaster for Tourism!

The two administrators for the Visit Crail site received an intriguing email a week ago, from a lady in Australia whose family are planning a visit to Crail.  They’re already preparing for their trip, although the trip will not be until May 2015.

The reason for the trip? Ancestral research has led various members of a number of families to a particular event which happened back in 1765 – a disaster for those families who were involved as a shipwreck in the mouth of Crail Harbour led to the loss of 8 fishermen.  You can read about the family connections here.

The families who are planning to visit Crail are looking to contact anyone living in the village of Crail who might know of descendants of the families whose ancestors perished on that January night.

fishing boat disaster Crail 21 January 1765

  • Brown
  • Burn, Burns
  • Cunningham
  • Dewar
  • Keay, Key, Kay
  • Ramsay, Ramsey
  • Runciman
  • Taylor

The authors of the Visit Crail blog (holiday home owners Giselle and Susan) are happy to help in any way we can to facilitate connections with the families – as well as hopefully being able to provide accommodation for those who travel from afar to visit a place which was an important one in the families’ history.

This contact came just at the time when I (Susan) was planning a series of blog posts about Ancestral Tourism, having recently participated in the Tourism Intelligence Scotland’s training course held in St Andrews.  I’m planning to add some information in the days to come about the suggestions we made to the families who first contacted us.  In the meantime, please let us know if you can help trace any possible descendants of the families named above.

We can be reached at:

giselle [at] altonhousecrail.com

susan [at] 2crail.com

The aboutcrail.co.uk newsletter this morning (18 November 2013) also published information about this search, and we’d be grateful if you have any other local sources of information you could suggest to help these families make the most of their visit to Crail in 2015.

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