Crail on Twitter

A handy list of the Twitterati of Crail in order as we find you!  Let us know if we’re missing anyone.

2crail – Sandcastle Cottage on Twitter

AltonHouseCrail – Alton House on Twitter

balcomiehotel – Balcomie Links Hotel on Twitter

caiplie – Caiplie House on Twitter

aboutcrail – About Crail guide for residents and visitors

HoneypotCrail – Graham Anderson of the Honeypot Guest House and Tearoom

Robert Smith – Robert Smith, Joiner and Carpenter

Crail Residence – Viv Smith of the Crail Residence

Crail Food Festival – Updates mainly by Susan McNaughton and via the Crail Food Festival updates.

Wild Crail – updates by Will Cresswell – lots about wildlife to be found in and around the village of Crail.

GolfHotelCrail – The Golf Hotel Crail

33 Nethergate – Alan and Sue Wallace’s B&B in Crail

eileenmobile – Eileen Wood Bridal Make-up and Relaxation at Home

CraiHarbGallery – Alan Stamper of Crail Harbour Gallery



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